Geomar Autopilot Survey Boat

An Autopilot Survey Boat Suported by High Precision Positioning System for Easy and Fast Deployment.



Geomar Survey Boat is a survey boat that can be programmed to move autonomously based on a set of way points. This feature significantly can reduce the cost of operation and ideal for hazardous survey location. Geomar is also lighweight so that it can be handled and deployed easily.

Geomar Survey Boat is designed to meet the vast needs in various fields:

  • Lake Bottom Survey
  • River Bottom Survey
  • Mine Ponds Bathymetry
  • Coast Line Bathymetry
  • Water Volume Survey
  • Mud Volume Survey
  • Monitoring and Mapping

Developed in 2014, Geomar is designed to survey at over 1000 m (3500 ft) range with surface velocity up to 4 knots. For a turnkey survey-grade system, Geomar is offered with the many sensor options (upon request):Seafloor Systems Echologger ECS 400, Dual Frequency Teledyne Odom Echotrac CV100, Multibeam Sonar, Side scan sonar, ADCP, Geodetic GNSS reciever with RTK positioning system. The Geomar echosounder (or other sensor) and GNSS data are integrated with a radio modem data transmission system allowing the operator to view the boat track in real time on the shore ground station.


Carbon Fiber Composite, Durable UV resistance Hull


2000 x 1308 x 1000 mm

Boat Weight/+payload

35 kg / 55 kg + payload

Propulsion System

Dual Thruster 2 x@ 300Wpeak, Speed 2 - 4 Knot


1400 WattHour LiPo, 8 Hours Survey Operation


RC Remote control
2,4 Ghz Spread Spectrum RC up to 1km Range

Data telemetry
HIGH bandwidth long range P2P Wi-Fi @ 5,8 Ghz 1.5Km

USV Navigation

- Manual with Remote controller
- Autopilot with x-track control algorithm
- Practically unlimited waypoints
- Onboard data logger
- Failsafe Auto Homing (Predetermined Home Coord.)

Shore Station computer, Waypoint/Route planner

- GCS tough book laptop computer
- Real time data monitoring & logging
- Route planner with programmable high speed cruise and low speed maneuvering option
- Perpetual Software License


Software Navigasi : Geomon
Software Akuisisi : HVCU Geomar logger , Geomon(redundancy logger), Odom eChart untuk SBES dual freq
Software Pengolah Data Posisi : RX tools untuk GNSS Septentrio termasuk Raw to RINEX format
PPK tools: RTKPost, Geomar LogProcessor untuk penggabungan X,Y,Z point cloud


Geomar with multi antena with output RTK & PPK, SBES dual freq, Long size Carbon fiber Hull, 1400Wh battery



9DOF Attitude Heading Reference System Heading, Roll, Pitch


Dual Channel Configuration, High: 100 kHz-340kHz, Low: 24 kHz-50kHz
Resolution, 0.01m, 0.1 ft.
Accuracy, 200kHz-0.01 m +/- 0.1% depth,33kHz-0.10 m +/- 0.1% depth
Output Power, Up to 300 watts RMS, <1 watt minimum
Ping Rate, Up to 20Hz in shallow water(10m) range
Depth Range, From <30cm to 600m


Septentrio AsteRx2eH™ satelite navigation: Dual-frequency L1/L2 code/carriertracking of GPS and GLONASS signals on 2 antennas.
RTK performance, Horizontal accuracy 0.6 cm + 0.5 ppm
Vertical accuracy, 1 cm + 1 ppm
Heading Accuracy 1m antenna separation, Heading 0.3°, Pitch/Roll 0.6
Support PPK GNNS

Onboard Camera :

Full HD 1920x1080 Real Time PTZ
Telemetry Camera


SIDE SCAN SONAR : Tritech starfish
ADCP : Teledyne RiverRay

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