RajaAmpat ROV

Standard Observation Class ROV for shallow water and sea up to 100 meter depth.



Raja Ampat is our latest ROV in 2015. The ROV is build under requirement to be operated across the large of Indonesian sea. Raja Ampat is an obeservation class ROV with operating depth up to 100 m (328 feet) depth. The main equipments of Raja Ampat are camera, sonar, USBL, and Gripper to fulfill various tasks under its operation.

The main features of RajaAmpat are :

  • Color Camera to see underwater vision
  • Sonar Sensor to see the surounding for avoiding unseen hard objects
  • USBL to locate the position of ROV displayed on surface monitor
  • Gripper to grap seabed's object
  • Can be added with customized device or sensors based on order

Raja Ampat is controlled from surface station which is consist of Pilot Station and Payload Station through power and fiber optic data cable. Pilot Station is to navigate Raja Ampat, while Payload Station is to manitor the data sensor.


Dimension :

Length :1150 mm
Wide :730 mm
Height :580 mm

Weight in Air : 200 kg

Operating Depth :100 m

Speed : 3 Knots

Power : 6000 Watt 220 VAC 50-60 Hz

Surface Station System :

High Brightness LCD Display
DSP microcontroller based autopilot
Leak indicator
Ground Fault Detection
Joystick : 3 axis with 2 push button
Customized Video Overlay
Video Recording

Comunication : - RS 485

Sensor :


Camera :

- 120 Degrees Tilted Forward Looking Color Sony CCD Camera 570 lines
- Backward Looking Color CCD Camera 420 lines

Thruster :

- 1 pcs 1 HP for vertical thrust
- 2 pcs 1 HP for side vector thrust

Lighting : 2 pcs @50 Watt Halogen lamp

Cabling : SK 1051 (Neutrally Bouyant Underwater Cable)

File Downloads

  • Raja Ampat ROV
  • Raja Ampat ROV
  • Raja Ampat ROV
  • Raja Ampat ROV
  • Raja Ampat ROV
  • Raja Ampat ROV
  • Raja Ampat ROV
  • Raja Ampat ROV